Breakout cable

Breakout cable consists of 2mm subunits with 900mm tight buffers (other sizes available). Combining strength, flexibility and no need for fan-out kits or tubing when terminating, these rugged cables are ideal for indoor and indoor/outdoor applications. TLC offers Breakout cables from 2-12 fiber constructions with plenum and riser ratings.

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  • Office Cabling
  • Computer room


  • 2.0mm sub-units
  • 900um tight buffered
  • Flame Ratings – UL1666(Riser) and NFPA262(Plenum).
  • Available in all fiber types
  • Available in both Riser or Plenum ratings
  • Color coded sub-units available as requested
  • Meets the application requirement of National Electric Code (NEC) Article 770 and are OFNP and OFNR listed.