Break Out Kits

The TLC 2mm and 3mm Breakout kits are used for the quick and simple termination of 900um distribution cables. TIA/EIA color coded furcation tubing allows for the easy identification of the tight buffered fibers and the new and improved inner tubes provide excellent protection against kinking when terminating.

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  • The “build up” or “break out” of 900mm distribution cables for terminating
  • General indoor use where extra protection is needed
  • Computer rooms
  • Ideal for adding protection and strength to 250um fibers and 900um tight buffers for direct termination to connectors


  • Color Coded tubing for easy identification (also available in numbered, same color tubes)
  • Saves time in the terminating process
  • Accepts 900mm tight buffer
  • Compatible with most connector styles
  • Available with 2mm and 3mm tubing

Specs for Break Out Kits

PVC - Part Number Fiber Count # Spec Sheets
BOK-0640 6 Available Upon Request
BOK-064020 6
BOK-1240 12
BOK-124020 12