Specialty Fiber, Custom and Design Services

Specialty Fiber - TLC offers a vast array of cables that contain specialty fibers. From specialty single-mode to large core multi-mode to plastic fiber, TLC can produce the exact cable to fit your needs.

Some common specialty fiber:

  • Plastic Fiber
  • Corning Specialty Fiber
  • Large Core multi-mode fiber (200/230um, 100/140um)

Custom Products - Knowledge and experience in the manufacturing and extrusion processes allow TLC to be the market leader in the production of custom products. Combining these abilities with short lead times and small minimum quantities will help make your company both unique and competitive in a challenging market.

Custom services include:

  • Colors (At no additional charge)
  • Print (At no additional charge)
  • Lengths and spooling
  • Customer supplied fiber
  • Specialty fiber
  • Custom fiber counts

Engineering Design - Did you know that TLC customers have a full product design engineer team at their disposal? Our team welcomes your thoughts and ideas to design and produce the exact cable to meet your ever-changing needs.

Design services include:

  • Consultation
  • Drawings
  • Hybrid and composite cables
  • Customized spec sheets